Jenna Ortega Exits Film For Wednesday Season 2

The future of the “Scream” franchise remains uncertain now that Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera won’t be in the upcoming seventh picture. It’s sort of surprising that the “Scream” franchise has found itself in this position considering just how prominent the series has been in recent years. After remaining dormant for over a decade, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett revived the slasher series with 2022’s “Scream,” which saw the Carpenter sisters (Ortega, Barrera) teaming up with old guard Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) to protect the town of Woodsboro from a new Ghostface. 

The film emerged as a substantial success, grossing over $138 million worldwide, proving that the series could be relevant to Gen Z. Paramount Pictures, and Spyglass quickly produced a sequel, releasing “Scream VI” to even greater critical and financial acclaim earlier this year. The “Scream” franchise hasn’t even peaked yet, but it seems as if its wings are being cut off. “Happy Death Day” series director Christopher Landon was roped in earlier this year to direct the upcoming “Scream VII,” but it’s unclear when (or if) production on the seventh outing will start. 

For Ortega, however, this is a major strategic move. The actress has turned into a superstar since “Scream,” and it makes sense that she wants to double down on “Wednesday,” the Netflix series that turned her into an overnight horror icon and an Emmy nominee. While the “Scream” franchise has always been great to her, they were never really her projects to begin with, unlike “Wednesday,” which is clearly a showcase for her talents as a lead star. 

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