Jon Hamm Wants To Play This Marvel Villain After Missing Out On X-Men

Jon Hamm also mentioned what a longtime fan he’s been of franchises like X-Men and Marvel Comics, even as he wondered about landing such a role. “Those decisions get made at such a high level at this point, definitely above my pay grade. I would love to,” he said. “I’ve been a fan of Marvel Comics and comics in general since I was probably single digits. I think there are tons of stories that I’m familiar with, at least, that are still out there to be told.”

As Hamm said, there’s definitely a ton of actors who’d jump at the chance to star in Marvel’s latest action tentpole, but perhaps his enthusiasm for the source material could give him a leg up over the competition. Furthermore, since the “Mad Men” and “Fargo” alum has put in such impressive and varied work over the course of his career, it’s easy to see why he might find himself near the top of the list.

While it may be years before fans finally get to see the actor joining the ranks of the MCU, if ever, the fact that he’s expressed interest in more than one role, along with his passion for the source material, will hopefully see him one day getting his wish.

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