Kelsey Grammer’s Beast Return Has Marvel Fans Divided Over One Thing

Unlike their fellow MCU fans, some viewers don’t seem to have too strong of a preference between the practical and CGI versions of Kelsey Grammer’s Beast. A user named @gregscottbailey wrote, “CGI Beast just feels more solid. But I like them both,” while @ReM102005 confessed, “It’s a great design but I’d still appreciate a mix of practical and CGI like [‘X-Men: First Class’] did. Loved that Beast look.”

Andy Park, Marvel Studios’ Director of Visual Development, previously revealed that there were multiple designs considered for the version of Beast featured at the end of “The Marvels.” Unfortunately for some of the fans mentioned above, none of the alternate designs for Beast’s cameo reveal whether or not a practical, makeup-driven approach to the character was ever considered. In all likelihood, the latest live-action iteration of the X-Men hero was always going to be rendered digitally.

That doesn’t mean a practical version of the character will never appear in the MCU. Not only does the variant of Beast who shows up in “The Marvels” exist in a different dimension than the MCU’s prime reality, but it’s possible that Marvel could decide to change its approach to the character in the future. That’s assuming, of course, that Marvel even intends to bring Grammer’s Beast back again, which isn’t something that the studio has confirmed one way or the other yet.

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