Khan Noonien Singh’s Ship Has A Dark History

There is more than one symbolic reason for Khan Noonien Singh’s ship being called the SS Botany Bay. The most obvious is that, much like the real Botany Bay, the ship contains some pretty rough criminals. After all, Khan and his fellow Augments used their power to take over a sizable portion of Earth, only to be narrowly overthrown and forced to escape off into space to save their lives. Of course, there’s also another interpretation that instead focuses on the later history of Botany Bay.

In the modern day, Botany Bay is no longer used for the delivery of convicts. Rather, it’s more of a traditional shipping port, with container ships often passing through Port Botany to deliver various goods to the mainland. This connection specifically pertains to the first appearance of the Botany Bay ship in the “Star Trek” franchise. In the “Star Trek: The Original Series” Season 1 episode “Space Seed,” it’s revealed that Khan and his crew froze themselves during their trip, effectively turning into cargo until they are awoken. In this way, they blend together two distinct eras of Australia’s Botany Bay and their vastly different imports.

Ultimately, the SS Botany Bay doesn’t get a very strong end to its story, simply being abandoned on the planet Ceti Alpha V and left to rot. Still, there’s no denying its place in “Star Trek” history and the fascinating real-world inspiration behind its name.

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