King crab Vs live Dungeness crab: What’s the key difference?

When you step into a seafood restaurant, you’re in for a delicious surprise when it comes to the crab selection. From the East Coast, you might find Snow crab, stone crab, or Chesapeake Bay blue crab, all with their own unique flavors. However, the real stars of the show are the king crab and Dungeness crab from the chilly Pacific waters. These two varieties are incredibly tasty but have their differences. Live King crab is known for its massive size, succulent meat, and sweet flavor, while Dungeness crab offers a slightly milder taste with a delicate sweetness. Both are sure to satisfy your seafood cravings!

King crab:

Did you know that King crab, also called Alaskan king crab, is one of the largest edible crabs out there? These magnificent creatures can weigh up to ten pounds and have a leg span of six feet! With their spiky shells and powerful claws, they’re quite the sight. You can find them in the North Pacific Ocean, the Bering Sea, and the Sea of Japan. King crabs come in three varieties: red, blue, and brown, each with its own unique shell color. People love them for their massive size and sweet, lobster-like taste. No wonder they’re a top choice for commercial harvest!

Dungeness crab:

Did you know that Alaskan Dungeness crabs are these awesome crabs from the Pacific Northwest? They’re named after a fishing village in Dungeness, Washington. These crabs can be found all along the west coast of North America, from Alaska to Mexico. They have a cool purple hue and a smooth, spineless carapace (that’s the hard upper shell). These crabs have legs that are on the shorter side compared to their body size, which usually spans around seven inches in width. The meat of these crabs is mostly in their body, and it’s mild-tasting with a hint of nuttiness.

How king crab and live Dungeness crab are different from each other?

Dungeness crab and king crab are both tasty crustaceans that people love to eat. But they have some differences. Let me break it down for you. Dungeness crabs have smooth shells and shorter legs, while king crabs have sharp spikes and longer legs. So, when choosing crabs for your recipes, keep these distinctions in mind.

1- Habitat: King crabs, those mighty creatures, love to roam the North Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea. You’ll spot them strutting their stuff near Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, where they rule the waters. Dungeness crabs, on the other side, prefer to explore the scenic coasts of North America. From the chilly shores of Alaska to the sunny beaches of Baja California Sur, Mexico, they’re always on the move. When it comes to catching these delectable crustaceans, the action is hot in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon.

2- Appearance: King crabs come in vibrant shades of red, blue, or brown and have long legs adorned with sharp spines. They’re quite the sight to behold! On the other claw, Dungeness crabs sport shorter legs, a lovely purplish hue, and smoother bodies. They may not have the same spiky style as their king crab cousins, but they have their own unique charm.

3- Size: The red king crab is the biggest crab you can eat! Its body can be as wide as eleven inches and its legs can reach almost six feet wide. The Dungeness crab is a bit smaller, with a carapace up to ten inches wide, but its legs have less meat than the king crab. Both crabs are impressive in size and taste delicious!

4- Taste: When it comes to the tastiest meat, the king crab’s legs are a treat! They’re as tender and sweet as lobster tails. Dungeness crab, on the other hand, offers tender body meat and slightly firmer leg meat. Its flavor is subtly sweet with a nutty twist. Whether you choose king crab or Dungeness crab, both will satisfy your cravings with their unique textures and flavors!

5- Availability: You’ll find an abundance of king crabs from October to January, while Dungeness crabs are available for a longer season, spanning from December to July. So, there’s a good window of time to enjoy both of these delicious crabs! Buy now from

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