Mahershala Ali’s Blade Movie Villain May Have A Big Eternals Connection

The post-credit scene in “Eternals” hinted that Blade will play a part in Dane Whitman’s journey into becoming the Black Knight in live-action, and with the new rumors in mind, Marvel’s plans for the sword are starting to be more apparent.

If Daniel Richtman’s report comes true, “Blade” could chronologically lead directly into “Eternals.” As a supposed period piece, the former project may come first, and if Blade defeats Lilith and gains the Ebony Blade for himself, the story could see him track down Whitman and give the sword to one of its rightful wielders. It’s possible “Blade” may feature a post-credits scene showing the transfer of the weapon to Whitman from a different perspective, as it would neatly tie up what was previously a confusing cameo by Blade in the “Eternals” film.

The future of the “Eternals” and Whitman is unclear as, despite rumors, the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t revealed what’s officially next for the heroes. However, the Ebony Blade showing up in “Blade” could lead to Whitman finally becoming the Black Knight and going on a quest to find Sersi, setting in motion the return of the Eternals. At the very least, seeing the Ebony Blade with Lilith would remind fans of its importance and connection to the Black Knight. The MCU version of “Blade” will be released on November 7, 2025.

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