Marvel Theory Claims Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Killed The MCU With One Move

To say Holland’s Peter Parker goes through a lot in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” would be a colossal understatement. By the movie’s end, the hero loses everyone, literally and figuratively. While Garfield’s Spider-Man does indeed save MJ, she loses memory of who her beloved is, as does the whole world.

Taking such a drastic event into account, it’s difficult for many fans to believe that MJ possibly dying was the canon event hovering above the MCU Spidey, especially since he experiences one of the most gut-wrenching losses the franchise has ever seen even without MJ dying. “No [Tom’s] canon event was [Aunt May],” one fan wrote on TikTok. Countless other comments agreed with this sentiment in the same thread, citing May’s death as the ultimate turning point for Holland’s Spider-Man. This idea was echoed over on Reddit too. “It’s May. His traditional Spider-Man story doesn’t start until the very end of No Way Home,” one Redditor wrote.

On Reddit, fans were also more dismissive toward the idea of canon events on a conceptual level, especially since most of what viewers learn of them come from Miguel O’Hara, a not so reliable and mentally stable source. “I think the canon event thing is a bit weird because Miguel doesn’t absolutely know how it works. He’s just doing his best to interpret the information available to him, but I think we’ll see that it’s not entirely correct,” one fan explained.

Regardless on which Spidey event is a “canon” one of not, nobody can deny that the Multiversal webs the “Spider-Verse” has spun has led to a mighty superhero franchise, so much so that it’s rumored even Kevin Feige has become interested in more animated projects thanks to Sony’s animated movies.

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