Marvel’s Dave Bautista Teases Meeting With James Gunn & DC Movie Fans Are Buzzing

Following the snap of Dave Bautista filling a parking space, fans started throwing around ideas regarding which characters he should play, and Bane stood out in particular. As he was last seen in 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises,” where he was played by Tom Hardy, there’s no confirmation of whether the muscle-bound monster would be set to appear in the DCU. But it didn’t stop fans from picking the role, among others, for the man who was previously Drax the Destroyer. Following the snaps caught by @HomeofDCU on X (formerly Twitter), @FizzVsTheWorld reacted to the image, saying, “Everyone’s going to say @DaveBautista should play Bane, but I specifically want the version of Bane from @GailSimone’s Secret Six… though he’d make a great Catman too.” @LexthePex threw in an alternative alongside the regular choice, saying, “I can see Bizarro or maybe even Bane?!?” @ShawneeSeanShon said simply, “Who cares lmaoo only role he could really play IS Bane.

It might seem like an obvious choice, but there’s still a layer of complexity to Bane in the comics that could be replicated in Gunn’s take on the DCU. Hardy’s Bane was a smart strongman, and in the comics, he’s one of Batman’s most intelligent foes, deemed by Ra’s Al Ghul in “Batman: Bane of the Demon #4” as wielding “a mind equal to the greatest he has known.” However, with that said, there might be an even sharper mind arriving in the DCU whom Bautista could be a perfect fit for.

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