Marvel’s Eternals Did One Thing Better Than Any Other Superhero Movie Or Show

Given that “Eternals” is an ensemble film, Makkari’s super speed doesn’t get too much time in the spotlight, but when it does, it shines bright. Fans on social media have pointed out what makes her super speed so special, with multiple factors coming together to make it so. “I feel like these were more organic movements while maintaining that high speed illusion,” commented u/Dailyhabits on Reddit, noting that Makkari moves convincingly while at high speeds and her super speed scenes don’t rely heavily on slow motion like speedster scenes tend to (see Quicksilver’s big scene at the Pentagon in “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” for example).

Another fan on TikTok, @thatguymurphdog, also touched on the strength of Makkari’s super speed, citing it as so effective because it feels fast to the audience. They described it as “quick. flashy and full of energy.”¬†Aside from how she looked and moved during simple transportation, u/Darkhaven was impressed with the use of Makkari’s super speed during combat situations.¬†They wrote, “The way Makkari integrates air concussive force from her motion with her blows is awesome, and I’m a big fan of how she used the terrain to her advantage.”

Evidently, there’s a lot to appreciate about Makkari’s super speed in “Eternals.” One can only hope that as the Multiverse Saga continues to unfold, she, along with her fellow Eternals, will return to the MCU forefront and show fans what else is in her super-speedy arsenal.

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