Mila Kunis As Marvel’s Thing

Most people associate Marvel’s Thing with Ben Grimm, who’s canonically Jewish, which would explain why Marvel is looking for Jewish actors to play the part, as reported by @MyTimeToShineHello. This could mean we’ll see a gender-swapped Ben Grimm that Mila Kunis, or another actor, could theoretically play. On the other hand, Marvel may be going in a different direction entirely and bringing a new character into the on-screen Fantastic Four mix.

As is the case with many well-known superheroes, a mantle can get passed from one person to the next, and there have been different versions of Thing over the years. First, there’s Darla Deering, who takes on the moniker of Miss Thing. She is a celebrity who’s romantically linked with Johnny Storm for a time and eventually finds her way onto the team. She wears an exoskeleton of the Thing that Reed Richards built after Ben lost his abilities, one which allows the user to take on Thing’s power set.

Additionally, there’s She-Thing, also known as Sharon Ventura. A wrestler who is exposed to radiation much like Ben Grimm, she becomes another Thing with enhanced strength, durability, and reflexes. 

There have been two iterations of the Fantastic Four on the big screen already, with the same team each time (played by different actors, of course). There’s a chance Marvel wants to make the MCU version of the Fantastic Four different from what audiences are familiar with, and this could include a more gender-balanced outing with Thing being played by a woman who’s not even necessarily Ben. 

One thing is clear from all this — a random lunch can lead to the internet losing its mind. 

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