Mission Impossible 8’s Simon Pegg Confirms Return Of ‘Dead’ Villain

During the ending of “Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One,” Paris ends up turning against Gabriel and his team by saving Ethan and Grace (Hayley Atwell) from death after the lead villain blows up the bridge over which the Orient Express is traveling. Though this should be a happy ending for Gabriel and his clan of evildoers, his paranoia gets the best of him. Believing that both Paris and Denlinger (Cary Elwes) will happily betray him — even though Denlinger is the one who messed with the AI tool, now known as The Entity, to make it superpowered — he stabs them both. Denlinger’s wounds are more definitively life-ending; Gabriel slits his throat. But Paris manages to stagger to Grace and Ethan and save them both before passing out from blood loss.

She also gives them both a huge assist in their investigation, explaining that the chamber they’re looking for — the one they have a key to — is on the Sevastopol. The submarine crashed in Russia, giving Grace and Ethan their next objective. Paris becomes delirious and appears to die. But when her body is later discovered, it’s reported she has a pulse. It looks like she’s going to live to fight another day.

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