One Constantine Villain Likely Won’t Return For The Keanu Reeves Sequel

“Constantine 2” was previously held up by rights issues, as a planned J.J. Abrams-produced TV series about the character caused some legal hiccups. Abrams was reportedly set to oversee a Justice League Dark universe for Warner Bros. Discovery and Max, but that was rejected in favor of a follow-up to the 2005 movie.

Last year, “Constantine 2” director Francis Lawrence confirmed the sequel’s status, noting that it’s still a work in progress. He revealed that he’s had several meetings about the film, and the goal is to make it an R-rated movie that honors the spirit of the “Hellblazer” comics. The project hasn’t been greenlit yet, but James Gunn didn’t cancel it after taking over as the co-head of DC Studios, so that’s surely a good sign, right?

With that in mind, how does Keanu Reeves feel about “Constantine 2?” He wants to play the character again, but will the actor’s passion for the role be enough to get the long-delayed sequel greenlit? That remains to be seen, but knowing that the creative team is enthusiastic about the film is reassuring.

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