Pirates Of The Caribbean 6

It’s sort of surprising that “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” hasn’t hit the big screen. The franchise has always been a moneymaker for Disney, with the fifth film making north of $790 million despite mixed-to-negative reviews. The premise presented in the trailer is fascinating and would be an interesting way to continue the franchise while passing the torch to a new generation. Over the last few years, Ortega’s clout has only grown — thanks to appearances in projects like “Scream,” “X,” and the Netflix sensation “Wednesday.” 

Having Ortega lead the franchise would be a brilliant move and it pleased many fans already. “Whoever thinks of this is legit genius. If Disney did this it will be a massive hit. Jenna Ortega as daughter really suit[s] the movie,” wrote YouTuber user @mariaa5887. Similar sentiments were echoed by user @KingDami1999 who wrote, “This is a great trailer. Jenna being Jack’s daughter is a nice idea.” According to user @CarlaLR74, the flick would light up the box office, suggesting, “These two would rock as a father-daughter pirate duo. Disney, want to save your box office, make this happen.”

While it’s possible that the fan-made video, which boasts over 2.5 million viewers could compel Disney to cast Ortega, the studio might have other plans for the billion-dollar franchise. 

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