Reacher’s Serinda Swan Stuns As Catwoman In Fan Art For James Gunn’s DCU

After @bosslogic shared the above interpretation of Serinda Swan as Catwoman with the world, the actor herself got a look at it. She posted about it over on Instagram, voicing her appreciation for the work. “Cats out of the bag? @bosslogic killing it w this art,” she wrote, putting her stamp of approval on the piece. She also commented on the original post, “I’ve been in love with catwoman since I was a kid. I absolutely love this, thank you.”

One has to wonder, if the opportunity were to arise in the coming years, would Swan have any desire to play Catwoman in the DCU? If this were the case, she wouldn’t be the only “Reacher” star ready and willing to join James Gunn and Peter Safran’s burgeoning superhero franchise — specifically on the Batman side of things. Jack Reacher himself, Alan Ritchson, has made it clear that he wants to replace Ben Affleck as Batman in the DCU. Much like Swan, Ritchson has proven a popular fan casting choice online.

At the time of this writing, the cast for the DCU’s first Batman-centric movie, “The Brave and the Bold,” has yet to come to light, so perhaps Ritchson’s dream will come true in due time. Maybe fans of “Reacher” will even see him and Swan reunite under the DC Studios banner at the movies.

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