Red Hulk MCU Rumors Spell Trouble For Sam Wilson’s Captain America 4 Return

Sam Wilson starts his MCU path as just Sam Wilson and never gains any superpowers. He gets by with his courageous nature, experience, and equipment. Knowing this, Red Hulk is a very tough adversary for him due to sheer power disparity alone. However, should these rumors be true, Sam’s superhero status may also be at stake. 

The main piece of gear Sam uses is the EXO-7 Falcon winged jetpack. Even when he becomes Captain America, his new costume’s Wakandan wings strongly resemble the originals. If Sam loses them in “Captain America: Brave New World,” it’ll be a massive blow for the character … at least, assuming that Shuri (Letitia Wright) isn’t willing to provide a spare set. Additionally, Captain America’s reputation revolves heavily around stars-and-stripes heroics. Regardless of how corrupt or cruel Ross might be, physically fighting the United States president doesn’t sound like an ideal way to maintain Captain America’s iconic status in the public eye. 

As such, the “Captain America: Brave New World” scoops suggest that Sam might compromise his superhero identity by the time the movie ends. Then again, doing the right thing and standing up against insurmountable odds regardless of personal cost is an extremely Captain America thing to do. So, if anything, such sacrifices might make Sam even better in his new job.

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