Rocket Raccoon Doesn’t Say Marvel’s First F-Bomb For An Oddly Heartwarming Reason

It’s not difficult to imagine what a Rocket f-bomb could have looked like. After all, there are a dozen instances where the character could have uttered it out of frustration. But instead, James Gunn chose not to make a big deal out of it, with Quill casually throwing it in what is already a hilarious moment. “That was not scripted,” Chris Pratt told the Toronto Sun about the f-bomb. “I think James told me to try saying that and I tried it and it made it in.”

While it shouldn’t come as a shock that Gunn and Pratt tried to sneak in the f-word, it’s surprising that Disney approved it. But the “Guardians of the Galaxy” director told that Kevin Feige said he was okay with it as long as Gunn was fine with it being a part of his legacy. “And I said, ‘Kevin, if you think you’re scaring me away instead of just enticing me even more to put this in the movie, you’re crazy,'” he said. “And then he laughed his ass off.”

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