Ryan Reynolds Tricks Amy Smart Into A Just Friends ‘Sequel’ For Aviation Gin

It’s the perfect time for the Aviation Gin commercial with Amy Smart to air. “Just Friends” is set around the holidays, and as the end of the year approaches, some people are likely gearing up to rewatch the film. If the ad gets enough traction, perhaps it could set the stage for a proper sequel to get off the ground. 

Smart spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about a prospective follow-up, and she quickly said that she hadn’t heard anything about it. However, she’s definitely on board with the idea: “I would love so much to do a sequel. And I think, at this point, it would just be so much fun. I mean, at this point, we’d be parents in it. There could be so much comedy happening. So, maybe it’s just a matter of time ’till [filmmaker] Roger Kumble wants to make a sequel.”

The question then becomes what a sequel would look like. “Just Friends” ends with Chris (Ryan Reynolds) and Jamie (Smart) declaring their love for one another. They could still be together all these years, but then the film would need to find a way to incorporate the “just friends” theme into a new movie. There’s also the question of Reynolds’ availability, as he’s set to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe with “Deadpool 3.” Fans will have to make do with the Aviation Gin commercial for now. If a real sequel ever happens, perhaps some less-than-subtle product placement for the alcohol would be in there.

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