Saw 11 – Will It Ever Happen?

Kevin Greutert is no stranger to the franchise, having directed 2009’s “Saw VI,” 2010’s “Saw 3D,” and “Saw X.” He also served as an editor on seven films and as an executive producer on “Spiral.” Needless to say, the filmmaker understands the “Saw” timeline better than most, knowing full well when it will be the right time to pick up the ball and go home once and for all.

For Greutert, he treated “Saw X” as a last hurrah to Kramer; however, he acknowledged how it might not be the end of the franchise as a whole. “Well, we’ll just have to see what the future of ‘Saw’ is,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “There are so many directions we could go, but for me, there’s no obvious one coming out of this film. I really wanted it to feel like a kind of final send-off for the Jigsaw character, but never say never.”

Much like executive producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules, Greutert also said that killing off John Kramer so early on impacted the potential of future movies. However, he added how the original intention was for the series to be a trilogy, so it made sense why Kramer went when he did and how it served the story being told at the time.

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