Secret Wars Could Be The End Of Kevin Feige’s Marvel Run (Report)

Again, there’s nothing to confirm this is what’s happening, and even if it is an idea at the moment, a lot can happen between now and “Secret Wars.” On the one hand, it would make sense for Kevin Feige to look toward other pastures. He’s been with the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2008’s “Iron Man,” and assuming “Secret Wars” keeps its current release date, he’d have overseen the MCU for nearly 20 years. Given how many more Marvel projects are in the works right now, from movies to Disney+ series, he may be ready for a change of pace. A changing of the guard could mean a division of labor for the new Marvel Studios head, with someone overseeing the movies while someone else keeps cohesion within the shows. That kind of change-up could ensure Marvel goes back to making predominantly well-received projects without viewers getting burnt out. 

The other part of this equation is Feige reportedly heading to Star Wars. That’s arguably another franchise that’s seen better days. There are presently many rumors about what movies could be in the pipeline, with many projects, including a trilogy from the “Game of Thrones” showrunners, being announced and then promptly discarded. Additionally, an onslaught of original Disney+ Star Wars series has perhaps diluted the waters a bit. Maybe Lucasfilm would want Feige to bring his expertise in handling a massive shared universe to get Star Wars back on track. 

If Feige is going to job-hop after “Secret Wars,” he probably would announce it closer to that release date. This seems like a fairly premature rumor, so until word comes from Feige himself, assume he’s sticking with Marvel for the duration. 

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