Secret Wars Rumor May Reveal Marvel’s ‘Prime’ Spider-Man

What is a “Prime” version, anyway? According to MyTimeToShineHello, “Prime” versions of key Marvel characters are the incarnations who play a significant role in future projects. It all starts with the insider’s rumored plot details for “Deadpool 3,” which is reportedly set to focus heavily on the TVA (Time Variance Authority). “‘Deadpool 3’ is about the TVA picking up the PRIME versions of each hero to create a multiversal army to fight the Kangs,” MyTimeToShineHello shared on X (formerly known as Twitter). This is supposedly how Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine factors into the “Deadpool” threequel.

This plot synopsis eventually led to MyTimeToShineHello clarifying that Tom Holland is the “Prime” version of Spider-Man. This makes sense from a logistical point of view, considering Holland’s iteration is a homegrown version of the character, unlike Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Holland’s Spider-Man has been with the franchise for nearly a decade, and while it hasn’t been confirmed what the future holds, it’s not a stretch to expect post-“Spider-Man: No Way Home” appearances.

But while the insider does say that Holland’s Spider-Man is the “Prime” version of the web-slinger, that doesn’t mean that the previous Spider-Men won’t have roles in the MCU. According to another rumor (which should be taken with an equally large grain of salt), Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man will return in “Avengers: Secret Wars.” This could mean that both Spider-Men will share the screen again relatively soon, as “Secret Wars” is currently scheduled to debut in May 2027.

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