Shannen Doherty Believes A Cult Classic Movie Killed Her Film Career

Kevin Smith┬áseemed to regret the situation surrounding his second feature as he continued to speak with Shannen Doherty on her podcast. He went on to ask if she ever got a shot at a big movie after that. “No, that was it,” she said bluntly. “People literally thought that I was carrying the movie, so therefore, it was a box office failure [and] it was completely on me,” she explained. “So there was no film career after that, which was a little brutal.”

Doherty went on to say how pivotal she thought “Mallrats” would be for her career, saying, “I really thought ‘Mallrats’ was going to kick me into that [higher] gear.” For his part, Smith accepted the responsibility for the movie’s failure and apologized to Doherty. “She’s right, man,” he admitted. “It’s like if this works, here goes the movie career. And it really did not. Boy, I apologize for that.”

However, that isn’t the end of the story. “Mallrats,” like other Smith films, has gone on to find its audience, becoming a cult classic along the way. “So ‘Mallrats’ comes out and dies this miserable death and then has this ten-year ascension to cult classic,” Smith recalled. This led Doherty to ask when they would be doing “Mallrats 2,” to which Smith replied, “We’ve had a script for quite some time… I’m game.” As it stands, fans of the movie will just have to keep their fingers crossed.

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