Sony May Have Spoiled A Spider-Verse 3 Villain Who Could End The Marvel Universe

While the storyboard comparison is primarily filled with scenes viewers are already familiar with, at the 1:25 mark, Gwen Stacy encounters a giant Spot. The villain towers over skyscrapers, terrorizing the city as Gwen looks on.

Though they are separate characters in Marvel Comics, the Spot and the Abyss share the unique power to suck things into their bodies and either hold them there or transport them elsewhere. Furthermore, the Abyss is thought to be so strong that he could end existence as we know it, destroying the universe with his dangerous abilities.

Even more shocking, the Abyss can control the minds of his victims from another dimension and, as such, could be the one behind the Spot’s sudden rise from petty crime to arguably the most dangerous figure in “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.”

This lingering force may also be why the Spot’s costume appears to be mostly black rather than white, as the power of the Abyss may have altered the Spot’s nature. While fans will have to wait until “Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse” arrives in theaters to see how dangerous the Spot has truly become, that won’t stop them from speculating on what we could expect from the trilogy’s final film.

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