Sony Rumored To Be Working On R-Rated Spider-Man Movie About Key Spider-Verse Hero

Spider-Punk’s rumored R-rated tale could be coming at just the right time, with other Spider-Person spin-offs, including that of Spider-Man Noir, who is set to spin his webs on a live-action series on Amazon Prime, in the works. There’s no confirmation on who will be playing him, but you can guarantee it’ll be the web-slinger’s darkest outing ever if it follows the comics given that they involve Spidey wielding a gun and going after criminal cannibals. This isn’t the first hero to be tangled up with Amazon Prime either. In 2022, it was announced that a show called “Silk: Spider Society” is set to follow the adventures of Cindy Moon, aka Silk, the second person to be bitten by the spider that nipped Peter Parker.

With these projects already in the pipeline and Brown potentially getting one too, it would be an exciting change in trajectory for Sony to focus on actual solo Spider-Person stories rather than the antiheroes and Spider-Man-adjacent characters lined up for the studio’s Spider-Man Universe. “Madame Web” is already getting memed into oblivion, potentially teeing up for another filmic flop, so perhaps branching off with heroes made popular by the critically acclaimed “Spider-Verse” films would be a smarter move. From there, Sony could finally reclaim any credit lost thanks to “Morbius” or Michael Keaton being as confused as we are about which universe Vulture is currently in.

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