Spider-Man 2 Player Finds Spidey’s Creepiest Movie Character

For those who didn’t spot the smiling kid in either of the Spider-Verse movies, you needn’t feel too bad. After all, there’s a ton of stuff happening on the screen in those films. Still, once you see this classmate of Miles’, you can’t unsee him. He just stands there, grinning in an incredibly unsettling manner, like he’s the Joker or some kind of horror movie villain waiting to strike.

As we’ve noted, this guy is a little too handsy and flashes that unsettling smile when you find him. But you can still track him down if you want to experience the weirdness for yourself. The nameless character is located in Brooklyn near Miles’ high school, Brooklyn Visions Academy.

However, if you’d rather watch the events unfold in “Spider-Man 2” via proxy, you can skip to the 1:03 mark of the TikTok video above to see how wacky things get for the player. Either way, tiny additions like this show how much love and care went into the latest Spidey adventure, even if some players might find the whole interaction a bit uncomfortable.

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