Spinal Tap II Filming Start Date & Massive Star Cameos Revealed

While some musicians confess to feeling a little discomfited by how closely “This is Spinal Tap” replicates their real-life touring disasters, the heavy metal scene has come to look upon the film with affection and taken the band to its bosom. McKean, Guest, and Shearer have spent a lot of time playing with and hanging out with real-life musicians since the film entered into legend, and musicians as varied as Metallica and Kelly Clarkson have paid tribute to Tap. To wit: When Spinal Tap auditioned a new drummer for their world tour in 1991, hundreds of applicants — even a few real-life legends — showed up to play; when “Stars,” a charity single performed by a large group of heavy metal musicians operating as Hear N’ Aid, came out in 1986, David St. Hubbins (McKean) and Nigel Tufnel (Guest) were front and center. When the band played Live Earth in 2007, they led a stage filled with musicians in a rousing chorus of “Big Bottom.” Those are just some of the many times the actual musical world has gladly embraced the fictional Spinal Tap as one of their own.

The “This is Spinal Tap” sequel, tentatively titled “Spinal Tap II,” was announced in May 2022. It is slated to feature the band reuniting for one last concert due to contractual obligations brought about by the death of their manager, Ian Faith (Tony Hendra). Ian’s widow refuses to take no for an answer when the band tries to turn her down. Since they haven’t spoken to one another in 10 to 15 years, actually getting the act onstage might prove to be a tricky feat. “Spinal Tap II” was originally scheduled to be released in March of 2024, but the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike have delayed its debut to an unknown later date.

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