Star Wars Does Have A Nude Moment

In an interview with “Star Wars 100 Interviews,” Femi Taylor recalled her experience working on “Return of the Jedi.” The topic of her wardrobe malfunction came up, and the actress was more than happy to discuss it. Taylor has no regrets about wearing the revealing clothing that led to the mishap, noting that it was important to her character.

“[The outfit] was very skimpy, but I think it worked ’cause I think you needed it for that character and her background,” Taylor said. “It needed [to be reflected] in her costume, and I think the costume’s wonderful.”

George Lucas is known for tinkering with the “Star Wars” movies, even going as far as to reshoot footage from the original trilogy for re-releases. This attention to detail makes one wonder how the mistake made it into “Return of the Jedi” at all, and it will forever remain one of the galaxy’s greatest mysteries.

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