Star Wars’ New Energy Sword May Be More Powerful Than A Lightsaber

In the Star Wars comic “Dark Droids” #5, Ajax Sigma destroys Scourge Prime with one mighty strike to the chest and releases countless droids from its grasp. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the imposing core of the droid hive mind hasn’t been killed in the traditional sense. Before stabbing Scourge Prime, Sigma’s sword is colored black and gold, though this changes once the deed is done. With Scourge Prime dead, Sigma’s energy sword takes on a purple hue, but what does this mean? Thankfully, fans aren’t left in the dark on this matter.

It’s important to note that one of the forces behind the Scourge’s existence is an artificial intelligence known as the Spark Eternal. It was created by a cult known as the¬†Ascendant during their war against the Sith Order. It appears that when Sigma impales Scourge Prime with his energy sword, the Spark Eternal transfers to the weapon, changing the blade’s color. Lightsabers haven’t ever displayed such an ability to harbor sentient AI beings, further lending credence to the idea that Sigma’s weapon of choice is more powerful.

Hopefully, regardless of the format, the story of Ajax Sigma and his astounding energy sword continues, and Star Wars fans can learn more about them.

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