Star Wars Once Implied Anakin Skywalker Was The Son Of Two Sith ‘Fathers’

Even in the old Expanded Universe texts like “Darth Plagueis,” it’s never explicitly confirmed that Anakin was created through the Force by Sith schemers. They simply theorize that their experiments brought about this fatherless, Force-attuned individual. Some stories in the Disney canon have added to the legend, including the infamous 2018 comic issue “Darth Vader” #25.

In that comic, Vader journeys through a surreal spiritual nightmare after accessing a mystical Force realm beneath his castle on Mustafar. He sees visions from throughout his life, including one that depicts Darth Sidious with Anakin’s mother, Shmi Skywalker. Many readers at the time interpreted the art as confirmation that the Sith lord created Anakin, as Palpatine appears to be casting some kind of dark spell on a pregnant Shmi from the shadows. Phrases like “Chosen One,” “unnatural,” and “There was no father” echo through the vision.

However, representatives for Lucasfilm later publicly stated that the comic was not intended to confirm the Sith creation theory. Darth Vader’s visions were merely meant as reflections of his own mental state and vague suggestions from the dark side of the Force. So while the comic doesn’t rule out the theory, it also doesn’t make it canon.

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