Stars Who Had The Most Awkward Real-Life Interactions

An encounter with a celebrity can make even the most enthusiastic fan nervous. However, when the star is also a physically intimidating presence, it can make things even more uncomfortable. When that celebrity is Dwayne Johnson, though, it can be even more awkward. According to those involved in an incident at a gym in 2019, it was downright scary, even if it was all an innocent misunderstanding.

As reported by Page Six, Johnson and his team stopped by an Equinox gym in Aventura, Florida. The problem was, that the star never bothered to check in, and staffers were forced to confront the oversized Johnson about his error. Intimidated by the man known as “The Rock,” the employees hesitated, afraid of what kind of response they might face from a man who could lift them over his head without breaking a sweat.

All ended well, though, after Johnson apologized for not following procedure, explaining that he had a flight to catch and just wanted to get in a good workout before leaving the area.

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