Stranger Things’ Prequel Bound To Repeat Harry Potter And The Curse Child’s Success

“Stranger Things: The First Shadow” will feature many characters from the Netflix series back when they were teenagers or young adults. Among them will be Chief Hopper (Shane Attwooll) and James Hopper Jr. (Oscar Lloyd). The Creel family will also be heavily involved in the plotline. Having just moved to their new and someday infamous house, Henry (Louis McCartney) will be a new student at Joyce Maldonado’s (Isabella Pappas) high school, while parents Virginia (Lauren Ward) and Victor (Michael Jibson) try to forge a fresh future from the ashes of their past. As Joyce stands on the cusp of graduation and realizes her dream of leaving Hawkins forever, the Creel family will soon become subject to supernatural horrors that will tear them apart forever.

Meanwhile, Bob Newby (Christopher Buckley) tries to launch a radio show, even though his sister, Patty (Ella Karuna Williams), doesn’t have much faith in his dreams. The play will also feature Charles Sinclair (Ammar Duffus), Sue Anderson (Kemi Awoderu), Chase Brown (Lonnie Byers), and many others.

Fans will only have to wait a little bit longer to find out what the play is like; tickets for “Stranger Things: The First Shadow” are currently on sale, with the first preview scheduled for November 17, and the opening slated for December 14.

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