The 5 Best Horror Movies For Scaredy Cats

Even if you’re not into horror, it’s more than likely that the filmography of Jordan Peele has come across your radar in recent years. Quite frankly, any entry from his ever-expanding filmography could have been included here, from his highly underrated 2019 horror film, “Us,” to his 2022 chilling sci-fi epic, “Nope.” But without a doubt, his 2017 directorial debut, “Get Out,” remains his freshest work, having earned its rightful title as a modern genre classic. 

The film follows Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), a Black man who tags along with his white girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), to stay with her parents for the weekend. Little does he know, a sinister plan is cooking with Chris’ name all over it. Low on extreme violence while being high on entertainment value, “Get Out” makes for a perfect easing into the current age of horror cinema, with its oddball ideas melding seamlessly with the societal themes it tackles. Peele’s known knack for comedy amplifies the quality of his horror work, making “Get Out” as much a satire about interracial relationships as it is a horrifying depiction of modern-day slavery. 

The film’s exquisite Oscar-winning screenplay holds it together, effortlessly balancing its many tonal shifts while both hiding and revealing information in endlessly creative ways. You can watch “Get Out” 1,000 times and still uncover new details, some so blatantly in your face that you’ll be dumbfounded as to how you didn’t notice them before. But that’s simply the magic of this movie. 

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