The Biggest Fan Theories About Joker: Folie à Deux

Warner Bros. and DC are doing a lot with Batman on the big screen lately. Along with Matt Reeves continuing his film series with Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader, James Gunn is also working on a new version of the Dark Knight for his revamped DCU. Still, there’s clearly some larger world-building happening in the “Joker” movies, and maybe it’ll allow other Batman villains to appear in “Folie à Deux.”

Reddit user u/Vigi1antee theorized in r/Batman that since Arkham Asylum will be the film’s main setting, more grounded members of Batman’s rogues’ gallery could surface, specifically Victor Zsasz, Calendar Man, and a pre-Scarecrow Jonathan Crane. Other fans pointed out an Easter egg in set pictures that suggests Harvey Dent is coming to Todd Phillip’s Joker-verse. In r/DC_Cinematic, user u/LostintheSecrets opined that since the picture only includes the surname “Dent,” “It’s most likely referring to Harvey Dent’s dad, Harvey and Batman are usually the same age range and as we saw in the first one Bruce is still a kid in this universe. So unless in this universe all of Batman’s villains are way older than him, it’s not Two-Face.”

If “Folie à Deux” ends up including more of Gotham’s most vile and corrupt baddies, then the likelihood that other origin films will be made is greater than ever. Maybe we’ll finally get fresh takes on fan favorites like Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, or maybe even Poison Ivy. We’re already seeing that Warner Bros. is interested in letting more villain-focused stories be told — as Reeves’ Batman universe has the “Penguin” TV series on the way — so maybe “Folie à Deux” will set the stage for other villains to get their time in the spotlight.

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