The Ending Of Cobweb Explained

“Cobweb” ends on an eerie final scene in which Peter’s sister, despite being sealed away, assures him that as long as she’s alive, she’ll always be a part of him, stalking him from the shadows. With such an open ending, it’s natural to wonder whether or not Samuel Bodin is looking to continue the story told in his directorial debut, a prospect he’s already put some thought into. He told Radio Times: “For my path, as a director, I really took the story as a standalone … But I’m sure … you know, you always say that, and suddenly someone has a great idea.” He went on to add, “And if the idea is great, there is a story … it’s the right thing to go, ‘Okay, now we have something else to tell. So, you know, let’s do it.'”

If we do see a sequel to “Cobweb,” though, the film’s star Woody Norman may need some convincing. During an interview with Movieweb, after being asked if he’d come back to continue the story, he stated, “I’m not sure because I think this film has a cliffhanger; it doesn’t really have an ‘ending.’ It would almost ruin the magic of the film, when audiences should go home and wonder [where] I ended up.” One way or another, the pieces are certainly in place for a sequel, so only time will tell whether we see Bodin revisit “Cobweb” in his budding career as a filmmaker.

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