The Ending Of Disney’s Wish Explained

While it’s a contained story, the ending of “Wish” definitely leaves room for another movie. Magnifico is unlikely to be part of it should it ever happen, but Asha, her friends and family, and Queen Amaya could all return for a second outing. But what would a follow-up film be about, exactly? Well, the ending of “Wish” leaves a few dangling threads (plot threads, that is, not the kind that Star loves to play with) that could be tied up in a sequel.

If there’s another “Wish” movie, it could center on Asha trying to figure out the best way to grant wishes — or parts of wishes — with her friends’ help. The first film ends with her being given a huge responsibility, and viewers would no doubt be interested in seeing how she handles that going forward. She was able to recognize that Magnifico was going about things the wrong way, but that doesn’t mean she’ll take to her role as Rosas’ fairy godmother without a few hiccups.

This seems like the most likely avenue for a sequel, though fans of “Wish” may have to wait a while for a new installment, because Jennifer Lee is going to have her hands full with the “Frozen” franchise: Bob Iger has confirmed that the Mouse House has another two “Frozen” films in the pipeline. “Jen Lee, who created ‘Frozen,’ the original ‘Frozen’ and ‘Frozen 2,’ is hard at work with her team with Disney Animation on not one but actually two stories,” the Disney CEO confirmed to “Good Morning America.”

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