The Only Actors Still Alive From The Main Cast Of A Clockwork Orange

Apart from Alex, the most clever and ruthless Droog is James Marcus’ Georgie, who challenges the protagonist’s authority and ultimately betrays Alex with the other Droog underlings. Georgie and Dim (Warren Clarke) later return as police officers who brutalize their former gang leader after a chance encounter. 

Marcus continued acting after “A Clockwork Orange” and has appeared in over 60 movies and TV shows — usually as a guest star, but occasionally in a larger role. His longest tenures in a single role have been as Bert Bamford on the children’s show “Grandad” and as Station Officer Tate on the firefighter drama “London’s Burning.” He also wrote and directed the 1989 crime thriller “Tank Malling,” starring Ray Winstone. 

Apart from Marcus and McDowell, a third Droog actor is also still with us. Michael Tarn, who plays the comparatively minor role of background Droog Pete, was only 16 when the movie was filmed. He kept acting throughout the 1970s but has made only a small handful of screen appearances since then. His last role was in the 2002 crime film “Shooters.” 

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