The Pet-Friendly Choice: Vets That Make House Calls Near Me in Toms Brook

In Toms Brook, Virginia, pet owners are fortunate to have a unique and compassionate veterinary service at their fingertips. Redbud Veterinary Services is dedicated to providing top-notch care for your furry friends, right in the comfort of your own home. If you’ve been inquiring about “vets who make house calls near me” or “veterinary house calls near me,” you’ve landed in the ideal spot.

The Convenience of House Calls

The idea of a vet making a house call might sound like a luxury, but it’s much more than that. Redbud Veterinary Services understands that your pet’s health is a top priority, and convenience matters. That’s why they offer house calls, bringing the expertise of a veterinarian to your doorstep.

With their commitment to convenience, you can trust that Redbud Veterinary Services is the pet-friendly choice for all your pet care needs. No need to transport your furry family member to a clinic; they come to you. This is a game-changing convenience for pet owners with busy schedules.

A Diverse Range of Services

At Redbud Veterinary Services, they offer more than just the traditional veterinarian services. While you can count on them for general medicine, their expertise goes beyond the basics. Here are some of the comprehensive services they provide:

1. General Medicine

From routine check-ups to vaccinations, Redbud Veterinary Services offers all the general medicine services your pet needs to stay healthy.

2. Alternative Medicine

Looking for alternative treatments for your pet’s health issues? Redbud Veterinary Services provides holistic and alternative medicine options, including acupuncture, chiropractic care, and more.

3. Rehabilitation

If your pet is recovering from surgery or dealing with mobility issues, Redbud Veterinary Services can help with rehabilitation services tailored to your pet’s specific needs.

4. Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is an effective way to manage pain, inflammation, and promote healing. Redbud Veterinary Services offers this cutting-edge treatment option.

5. Home Euthanasia

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy, but Redbud Veterinary Services is there to provide compassionate and supportive home euthanasia services when the time comes.

Meet Your Veterinarian

Dr. Jan Weiher, VMD, is the driving force behind Redbud Veterinary Services. With her passion for animal welfare and a strong commitment to the Toms Brook community, she’s become a trusted name in the area. Dr. Weiher is a licensed veterinarian who goes the extra mile to ensure your pets receive the best care possible.

Emergency Care When You Need It

Pets don’t always get sick or injured during regular office hours, which is why Redbud Veterinary Services is your go-to for emergency veterinary care. When you search for “emergency veterinary clinics near me,” remember that Redbud Veterinary Services is just a phone call away.

Your Toms Brook Location for Veterinary House Calls

If you’ve been searching for “vets that make house calls near me,” Redbud Veterinary Services is conveniently located in Toms Brook, Virginia. With their central location, they are well-positioned to serve the entire Toms Brook community and its surrounding areas.

Contact Information:

Phone: 540-333-2858


You can trust that Redbud Veterinary Services is your local source for quality and convenient pet care. They are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of your pets, and their convenient house call services make it easier than ever to provide the care your furry friends need.

A Look at Alternative Medicine

When it comes to your pet’s health, you want options. Redbud Veterinary Services not only offers traditional veterinary care but also specializes in alternative medicine treatments. These holistic approaches can be a game-changer for pets with chronic conditions, pain, or other health issues. Let’s take a closer look at some of these alternative medicine services.


Acupuncture isn’t just for humans; it can benefit pets too. Dr. Jan Weiher, VMD, is trained in veterinary acupuncture and can provide this ancient healing technique for your pets. Acupuncture has the potential to relieve pain, enhance mobility, and foster overall well-being.

Chiropractic Care

Pets can experience musculoskeletal issues just like humans do. Redbud Veterinary Services offers chiropractic care to address these issues. Chiropractic adjustments can improve your pet’s comfort and mobility, making their daily life more enjoyable.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment that employs precise wavelengths of light to trigger the healing process and alleviate pain and inflammation. It’s an effective option for pets dealing with a variety of conditions, from arthritis to post-surgical recovery.

By incorporating alternative medicine into their practice, Redbud Veterinary Services shows their commitment to providing comprehensive and holistic care for your pets. Whether you’re exploring these therapies for the first time or you’re seeking a reliable provider, Redbud Veterinary Services has you covered.

Rehabilitation Services for Your Pet

Injuries, surgeries, and aging can all impact your pet’s mobility and overall quality of life. That’s where rehabilitation services come in. Redbud Veterinary Services offers customized rehabilitation programs to address your pet’s unique needs. Here’s a closer look at what they can provide:

  • Physical therapy: Similar to humans, pets can derive benefits from physical therapy. This can help them recover from injuries, surgeries, and improve their overall mobility.
  • Hydrotherapy: Underwater treadmill therapy and swimming can be excellent ways to improve your pet’s strength and flexibility. It’s especially beneficial for pets with arthritis or orthopedic issues.
  • Therapeutic Exercises: Redbud Veterinary Services can design a set of exercises tailored to your pet’s condition. These exercises can improve muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination.
  • Pain Management: Pets dealing with chronic pain need special care. Redbud Veterinary Services offers pain management solutions to enhance your pet’s quality of life.
  • Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation is an important aspect of pet care, especially for those with special needs. Redbud Veterinary Services recognizes this and is committed to helping your pet regain their mobility and live a comfortable, happy life.

Laser Therapy: A Modern Solution for Pet Pain

Laser therapy is an innovative and effective treatment option provided by Redbud Veterinary Services. This non-invasive therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate healing, reduce pain and inflammation, and accelerate tissue repair. Here’s how it works and how it can benefit your pet:

  • Pain Relief: Laser therapy is an excellent option for managing chronic pain in pets, whether due to arthritis, aging, or other conditions.
  • Improved Mobility: If your pet is struggling with mobility issues, laser therapy can help improve their range of motion, making daily activities more comfortable.
  • Faster Healing: After surgeries or injuries, laser therapy can speed up the healing process, reducing recovery time.
  • No Side Effects: Laser therapy is safe and painless, with no known side effects, making it a great option for pets of all ages.

If you’ve been searching for “vets that make house calls near me” and want to explore alternative treatments like laser therapy, Redbud Veterinary Services is the right choice. Their commitment to innovative care ensures your pet receives the best treatment available.

Compassionate Home Euthanasia Services

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the most difficult experiences a pet owner can go through. It’s a decision made out of love and compassion, and Redbud Veterinary Services is there to offer support during this emotional time.

When the time comes to consider euthanasia for your pet, it can be a comfort to know that you can say your final goodbyes in the familiar and loving environment of your own home. Redbud Veterinary Services offers home euthanasia services, allowing your pet to pass peacefully, surrounded by the comfort of their family.

The compassionate team at Redbud Veterinary Services understands the deep bond between pets and their owners. They are there to provide support and guidance, ensuring that the process is as gentle and peaceful as possible.

Emergency Care: When Every Moment Counts

Emergencies can happen at any time, and when they do, you need a reliable and responsive veterinarian. Redbud Veterinary Services is there for you when your pet needs urgent care. When you search for “emergency veterinary clinics near me,” you can rely on Redbud Veterinary Services to provide immediate assistance.

Here’s what you can expect from their emergency care services:

Rapid Response: Redbud Veterinary Services understands that in emergencies, time is of the essence. They prioritize swift response to your call.

  • Comprehensive Care: Whether your pet is experiencing trauma, sudden illness, or other urgent issues, Redbud Veterinary Services is equipped to provide comprehensive care.
  • Experienced Team: Their team is experienced in handling a wide range of emergency situations, ensuring that your pet receives the best care possible.
  • Compassionate Approach: In stressful situations, a compassionate approach can make all the difference. Redbud Veterinary Services is there to offer emotional support to both you and your pet.

When your pet’s health is on the line, you need a trusted partner to provide emergency care. Redbud Veterinary Services is that partner, ready to respond to your call and provide the care your pet needs.

Contact Redbud Veterinary Services

When it comes to finding “vets who make house calls” and “veterinary house calls near me,” Redbud Veterinary Services is the top choice in Toms Brook, Virginia. Their commitment to providing comprehensive, compassionate, and convenient care for your pets sets them apart. Reach out to them today for all your pet care needs.

At Redbud Veterinary Services, your pet’s health and well-being are their top priorities. Whether you need general medicine, alternative treatments, rehabilitation, laser therapy, home euthanasia, or emergency care, they have you covered. Say goodbye to the stress of transporting your pet to a clinic and embrace the convenience of a veterinarian who comes to you. Redbud Veterinary Services is your pet-friendly choice in Toms Brook, Virginia, and they’re here to serve you and your furry family members with care and compassion.

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