The Viral Batman Movie Fan Trailer With Jensen Ackles Explained

It’s not much of a stretch to see Jensen Ackles as Batman. He’s voiced the character in numerous animated DC films, including “Batman: The Long Halloween,” “Legion of Super-Heroes,” and “Justice League: Warworld.” Ackles already has the vigilante’s voice down; it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to see him in the suit, which is likely why the prospective casting has dominated Reddit discussion threads and fan art for a while now. But what’s the likelihood of Jensen Ackles in “The Brave and the Bold” actually happening?

The actor is up for being the next iteration of Gotham’s Guardian. While at the Jus in Bello Convention in June 2023, Ackles was asked about supposed rumors he could be the next live-action Batman. He obviously couldn’t say anything specific (assuming he knows anything) but stated, “I mean, could I do it? Sure. Would I want to do it? Yes.” The “Supernatural” star playing a live-action Batman almost occurred once before, as Misha Collins revealed how there was talk of getting Ackles to play Bruce Wayne on “Gotham Knights.” It would’ve just been for a flashback, but it may have satiated fans. Then again, Bruce Wayne meets a bloody end on “Gotham Knights,” which could’ve angered audiences for wasting perfect casting. 

“The Brave and the Bold” probably won’t come out until 2026 at the earliest, so it could take some time before we find out who’s Batman. Given the response to KH Studio’s fanmade trailer and everything else surrounding Ackles as the Dark Knight, the creative team would do well to at least consider him for the part. 

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