The Vulgar Mean Girls 2024 Line That Lindsay Lohan Found Hurtful

Even though Lindsay Lohan didn’t approve of the “fire crotch” joke in “Mean Girls,” she did care enough for the newer version of the film in the sense that she put in a cameo appearance. Playing a small role that was kept secret until the movie’s debut, Lohan can be seen as a moderator in a mathlete competition where Cady scores a heroic triumph for her new high school. 

It’s a very nice passing-of-the-torch moment, and one Angourie Rice appreciated while filming it. “It is such a rare experience to really get in the head of a character and then meet someone who’s done the same thing. Just to have that shared experience, it means a lot,” she told People Magazine. 

Lohan herself has remained proud of her “Mean Girls” legacy, appearing in a 2023 Christmas commercial for Walmart based around the movie and reuniting with fellow actors from the original, namely Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried, Daniel Franzese, and Rajiv Surendra. With this new film reaching a whole new generation of teens, perhaps whatever bad feelings remain will someday be left behind in favor of a new sequel.

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