This Avengers Theory Makes Iron Man’s Endgame Death Even Sadder

It’s easy to see why fans might think this was Doctor Strange’s motivation to bring Pepper Potts into the final battle in “Endgame.” User mewlngasgardian echoed a similar sentiment to the original tweet, saying, “doctor strange probably brought pepper to the final battle because he knew it was going to be her last chance to see tony again.”

On the one hand, having Pepper on the scene allowed her to have a final moment with her husband before he shuffled off this mortal coil. On the other hand, it also means Tony has Pepper there to talk him through his final moments. As he fades, he’s able to hear her voice and experience the release that comes with her final words to him: “You can rest now.”

It’s a moving theory and a powerful play by the time-stone-powered Avenger, if that is indeed what he was doing. After a five-year hiatus of being snapped, it’s interesting to think that, along with racing all over creation to bring every possible hero together on the battle plains north of the Big Apple, Strange needed to make this one husband-and-wife connection, too. Despite his busy agenda, he still found the time to add that finishing touch of bringing the spouses together one last time. Whether it was on purpose or not, it’s a move that doubtless gave both Tony and Pepper the closure they needed in the end.

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