This Batman Beyond Movie Concept Art Gives Spider-Verse Vibes

Before Yuhki Demers’ post, news of a “Batman Beyond” movie surfaced amidst talks of a scrapped Michael Keaton Batman project. Supposedly, the actor was supposed to play the aged version of Bruce Wayne, who advises Terry McGinnis in the “Batman Beyond” cartoon. The project was removed from the slate as plans for James Gunn’s DC Universe reboot rounded into shape.

According to Demers’ tweet, his concept art was part of a pitch he and Patrick Harpin (his former collaborator on the Netflix show “My Dad the Bounty Hunter”) presented to Warner Bros. “What started as a ‘never’ turned into a ‘maybe,'” Demers wrote about the outcome of that pitch.

Eventually, Demers and Harpin would like to bring their idea to Gunn. This post is most likely in service of that plan, given that sufficient fan interest could help prove the project’s feasibility. Nevertheless, plenty of important steps remain before a “Batman Beyond” movie becomes official, let alone enters production. So, while nothing is in the cards for now, it’s always possible this concept art will turn into something greater.

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