This Horrific Finding Nemo Theory Changes Everything About Marlin

Suggesting Mrs. Coral devoured her young as if she was a seafood aficionado doesn’t quite hold up under scrutiny. And yet, it’s one of the more popular fan theories out there. The “Marlin’s family wasn’t really eaten by a barracuda” theory was first posted back in 2021. Since then, it’s received well over six million likes and has been shared over 185,000 times as of this writing. It is a top-trending theory on the social platform, and nearly 70,000 fans have chimed in with their thoughts.

TikTok user @geeyanmesa, for instance, summed up the experience for countless “Finding Nemo” fans by stating, “how to ruin childhood in 1 minute.” TikTokker @ms.ravn echoed the sentiment, saying, “why does everybody on tiktok wants to ruin my childhood.”

Multiple users also pointed out that the movie isn’t about finding Nemo, then. It’s about finding nobody. As with all comment threads on the internet, some contributors went in a weird direction, too. TikTok user @oleey, for instance, commented that the theory actually makes them like the story more. No explanation as to why, though.

Still others brought everything back down to earth. User @kris123431 said, “Yo you thinking to much this is a child movie,” while TikTokker @marioatolivegarden brought home the humor with the line, “bro it ain’t like the ocean…it’s not that deep.”

As a final flourish, the original poster ended their morbid theoretical rant by saying, “Disney, you have 24 hours to respond, or I’m just going to assume the worst.” As far as we’re aware, the House of Mouse has not posted a response to date.

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