Tim Burton Responds To A Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel: ‘Where’s My Shotgun?’

In a more serious tone, Tim Burton explained why specifically he didn’t want to see more stories set in the world of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” “To me, the movie is very important,” he said. “I’ve done sequels, I’ve done other things, I’ve done reboots, I’ve done all that s***, right? I don’t want that to happen to this,” he continued. “It’s nice that people are maybe interested, but I’m not.”

Longtime fans of the filmmaker will be well aware that he did a sequel to “Batman” with “Batman Returns,” as well as rebooting Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” with longtime staples like Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. With this in mind, it looks like the shine of continuing one of his most beloved projects no longer appeals to him.

The filmmaker also offered further reasoning on why he wants “The Nightmare Before Christmas” to remain a standalone story, and it concerns its central character, Jack Skellington (Chris Sarandon/Danny Elfman). He compared the character to himself. “[Skellington is a] character that’s perceived as dark but is really light,”┬áBurton noted. The director went on to add, “Those are the kinds of things that I love, whether it’s [Edward] Scissorhands or Batman, characters that have that. It represented all those feelings that I had. I was perceived as this dark character when I didn’t feel that way. So it was a very personal character”

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