Top Gun 3 In The Works With Tom Cruise & More Returning Stars

Whispers of a third “Top Gun” film appeared on the radar within days of the release of “Maverick.” Tom Cruise’s co-star, Miles Teller, even admitted to having brief chats with the iconic wingman following the film’s release. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor stated, “I’ve been having some conversations with him [Cruise] about it. We’ll see.”

Since then, Cruise has been busy riding bikes off of cliffs and climbing out of biplanes for his final “Mission: Impossible” movie, and he might still have some work to do there before he feels the need for speed again.

Due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, “Mission: Impossible 8” halted production and had its release date pushed back from June 2024 to May 23, 2025. What that might mean for scheduling a third “Top Gun” film is unclear, but with both these movies and whatever mystery projects Cruise is lining up with Warner Bros. Discovery all on the star’s plate, there’s obviously a lot of work in Cruise’s immediate future.

Now, who’s up for some beach volleyball?

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