Was The Snyder Cut Campaign Fueled By Bots? ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ Says Zack Snyder

A little over a year after “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” premiered on Max, Rolling Stone published a detailed piece analyzing the social media frenzy around the director, and particularly how it spiraled into negativity toward anyone deemed to have a negative impact on his career.

At one point the article cites an investigation WarnerMedia conducted, the results of which ended up in two reports. These determined that at least 13% of accounts online posting about the Snyder Cut were not manned by human beings. This is more than double the standard 3-5% of all accounts online that can be considered bots. Nevertheless, if this number is accurate, the majority of Snyder adherents are real people.

This piece also cites a number of sources who claim that Snyder himself masterminded the social media fervor around the Snyder Cut to some degree. If this is indeed the case, then it’s unsurprising that he remains appreciative of the online campaign to this day. Nevertheless, there’s no definitive proof that the director personally commissioned some sort of bot campaign, so he may simply be thankful for its end result.

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