What Are ‘Turkish Star Wars’ & Its Sequel ‘Turks In Space’ Really About?

“Turkish Star Wars” may have a different legacy compared to its American namesake, but similar to the Lucasfilm production, the film went on to spawn a sequel of its own. “The Son of the Man who Saved the World,” commonly referred to as “Turks in Space,” saw the light of day in 2006. This time around, the film sees the son of Murat from the original work alongside his newfound brother to save their society from an oppressive ruling system. 

Other than seeing “Turkish Star Wars” lead Cüneyt Arkın return for a cameo appearance as Murat, “Turks in Space” does little to honor the legacy of its fan-favorite predecessor. Instead, the film unsuccessfully goes down a more comedy-centric route, with many comparing its effortsto the 2004 Turkish sci-fi comedy “G.O.R.A.” Its 1.5 rating on IMDb speaks to its abysmal legacy, having been largely forgotten by audiences. 

What makes it worse is that we almost had a worthy follow-up from the mind of original “Turkish Star Wars” director Çetin İnanc. According to the filmmaker, the sequel centered on a grand conflict that, ” … plays God against the devil in an epic war for Earth.” This epic continuation, conceptualized in 2009, would have involved the alien abduction of world leaders, the creation of zombie ninja space warriors, and a planet on the other side of a black hole. Unlike “Turks in Space,” this follow-up sounds like it would have respected the original while staying in line with its rich entertainment value, which is all fans need to stay happy. 

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