What Happened To Lobot After The Empire Strikes Back?

Like so many underdeveloped original “Star Wars” trilogy minor characters, Lobot gets plenty to do in the non-canon “Star Wars” Legends continuity. In the wake of the Empire’s initial occupation of Cloud City, he stays behind and serves under the Imperial Hugo Treece, though he doesn’t hold this job long. Ugnaughts overtake Cloud City and damage Lobot’s¬†motivational programming capsule, which Lando Calrissian has to fix when he returns to his old home. With that, Lobot joins Lando and his Rebel friends in battling back against the Empire and temporarily liberating Bespin.

He later heads to Tatooine to hunt down the droid EV-9D9 (Mark Hamill), who previously attempted to destroy Cloud City, but Lobot fails to capture him. Following this escapade, Lobot returns to Cloud City, serving under Zorba the Hutt and maintaining his duties once the Empire retakes the planet under Grand Admiral Thrawn’s (Lars Mikkelsen) command. Once the Empire is again removed from Bespin, he eventually becomes the Baron Administrator of Cloud City, continues to help Lando and the New Republic on various missions, and witnesses the fabled¬†Yuuzhan Vong War.

Despite being a side character with no dialogue and little to do narratively, Lobot has gotten a lot of mileage throughout the canon and non-canon “Star Wars” universes.

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