What The Worst Critic Reviews Said About Jason Momoa’s DC Movie Sequel

Another especially crushing review came from Top Critic Liz Shannon Miller of Consequence. “Did anyone involved with the making of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom even want to make an Aquaman movie?” she wondered. “Even Jason Momoa — a guy whose entire vibe is ‘I’m happy to be here’ — visibly struggles to wring any sense of enjoyment out of a scene.”

With this in mind, it sounds like just about everything that was praised about James Wan’s original “Aquaman” has failed to tread water in the sequel, which was a staggering five years in the works. Still, not everyone was as harsh toward the film as the aforementioned critics.

“It’s fine. It’s fun. It’s boring sometimes,” wrote Julia Glassman of The Mary Sue. “It’s bright, colorful, and kind of clumsy. If you’re looking for somewhere to spend two hours of a chilly winter day, then Atlantis might be as good a place as any.”

Unfortunately, even many of the film’s more positive takes, such as the one above, read as middling at best in their praise. As such, many DC fans may decide to simply wait for the film’s inevitable appearance on Max, especially after the similar disappointment of “The Flash.”

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