Whatever Happened To Buddy’s Half-Brother From Elf?

Though it takes Michael a little bit to warm up to Buddy as his older brother, they soon become thick as thieves. From snowball fights and mall races to TV appearances and chopping down trees in Central Park, Buddy and Michael go through a lot with each other during the 2003 holidays, and their exploits only make them closer. While we don’t know what happens to them after “Elf” is over, they’ll probably be in each other’s lives for a long time given the way the story ends.

His most notable work, “Elf” was the real launching point for Daniel Tay’s career. The young actor, who was only 12 years old when the film came out, had only been in one other film prior to the Christmas classic — “American Splendor” — though his role was minimal. “Elf,” on the other hand, gave Tay the opportunity to showcase his range and ability as an actor, and because of the film’s popularity, he got plenty of exposure.

While “Elf” no doubt helped Tay secure some other notable roles in family-friendly entertainment (more on that in a minute), it wasn’t exactly the career launcher that one might expect. Nevertheless, Tay’s performance in the Christmas classic is not only his most notable but also a large part of what makes “Elf” so great. Without Michael by his side, Buddy might never have reconciled with his biological father, nor saved Christmas.

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