Whatever Happened To Kristen Wiig?

In 2015, Kristen Wiig once again displayed her wide-ranging acting abilities in Sebastián Silva’s “Nasty Baby.” She plays Polly, a single woman from Brooklyn who calls on her gay friends Freddy (Silva) and Mo (Tunde Adebimpe) to help her conceive a baby. Despite being no stranger to the world of comedic improv, her experience on the set of “Nasty Baby” — an improvised drama — was completely new.

“When you’re improvising in a comedy, you are still a character and you still have to get that information across, but there’s that added element of creating funny lines off of the top of your head and making jokes. This was not like that,” Wiig told EW. “This is just having a conversation as a character with other characters in the movie and creating the scene. It just felt different.”

According to Wiig, “Nasty Baby” was filmed in just two weeks with virtually no budget. In fact, cast members brought some of their own clothes to set to wear on screen. Still, she truly loved the project, which was a perfect example of how, post-“Bridesmaids,” Wiig didn’t want to put herself in a box. She told the Los Angeles Times, “I love doing comedies, I love doing dramas, I love doing really small films, I’ve enjoyed doing bigger films. It’s just like a feeling you get. It’s not as planned out as people think.”

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