Whatever Happened To The Pepsi Girl, Hallie Eisenberg?

Hallie Eisenberg transitioned from being in front of the camera to the Broadway stage, making her debut in the 2001 revival of Clare Boothe Luce’s timeless 1936 play, “The Women.” In the all-female ensemble cast, Eisenberg played Little Mary, a daughter entangled in the intricacies of her parents’ messy relationship and the gossip surrounding it. The production was held at the American Airlines Theatre from November 8, 2001, to January 13, 2002, and was met with positive reviews.

Despite her national recognition stemming from the iconic Pepsi commercials, it was Eisenberg’s pure talent that secured her a coveted role on the Broadway stage. “I didn’t realize how recognizable she was,” director Scott Elliott told the Observer. “I knew she was in those Pepsi commercials, but I had never seen them. She really won the role on her own talent.” Although this was Eisenberg’s last time on stage, she would continue to support the arts well into adulthood.

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